Author: websevendev

Chap 0.9.10

Fixed product meta in cart widget displaying without line breaks Adjusted sale-products column count Removed margin from messages last paragraphs Changed footer widgets into link lists Made primary color scheme affect primary button colors as well Turned WooCommerce cart widget into a button and a popup when in the header widget area

Chap 0.9.9

Made WooCommerce cart table responsive Fixed a bug with quantity buttons Reduced the size of quantity inputs Added Semantic UI classes to various WooCommerce buttons Fixed product meta displaying without line breaks Added ticket icon to coupon code input Added truck icon to shipping calculator button

Chap 0.9.4

Added CSS for various obscure HTML5 tags Automatically adding “ui header” classes to <h1-5> tags Automatically adding “ui celled table” class to <table> tags Styled password form of protected posts Added category and tag labels to post lists