Category: Changelog

Chap 0.9.15

Changed cart widget popup in header to open on click, instead of hover. Fixed cart widget popup appearing too low, sometimes not appearing at all. Switched to using Chap_Walker_Comment for WooCommerce product reviews. Corrected the Title and Meta rendering for single posts.

Chap 0.9.14

Fixed problem when hovering text widgets in header widget area Made dropdown menu item parents clickable Limited item title width and added ellipsis to widgets: Products Cart Top Rated Products Recent Reviews Recently Viewed Products Clicking on Recent comments widget item will now link to the comment Added animated button support for button shortcodes Added tabs…

Chap 0.9.13

Added a proper button for External/Affiliate products Corrected the size of “Recently reviewed products” widget Fixed multiple galleries on the same page not working Corrected Grouped products table and button Added max-width to quantity input Changed quantity input to allow 0-value Added menu shortcode Added card shortcodes: cards card cardheader carditem cardimage cardtext

Chap 0.9.11 – Bug fixes and WooCommerce 2.6.0 compatibility

Added max-width for comment forms One word long titles now wrap instead of overflow Resized Coupon input and Update cart button on Cart page to be of equal size Changed custom logo size to ‘full’ instead of a recommended size/ratio Changed Cart Widget in header to show popup onhover instead of onclick Single product page will no longer display…

Chap 0.9.10

Fixed product meta in cart widget displaying without line breaks Adjusted sale-products column count Removed margin from messages last paragraphs Changed footer widgets into link lists Made primary color scheme affect primary button colors as well Turned WooCommerce cart widget into a button and a popup when in the header widget area

Chap 0.9.9

Made WooCommerce cart table responsive Fixed a bug with quantity buttons Reduced the size of quantity inputs Added Semantic UI classes to various WooCommerce buttons Fixed product meta displaying without line breaks Added ticket icon to coupon code input Added truck icon to shipping calculator button