Chap 0.9.11 – Bug fixes and WooCommerce 2.6.0 compatibility

  • Added max-width for comment forms
  • One word long titles now wrap instead of overflow
  • Resized Coupon input and Update cart button on Cart page to be of equal size
  • Changed custom logo size to ‘full’ instead of a recommended size/ratio
  • Changed Cart Widget in header to show popup onhover instead of onclick
  • Single product page will no longer display the product name in the masthead
  • Changed the default WooCommerce “in stock” message color
  • If page title is modified by something after it was rendered in the masthead then the new title will now be rendered in the pages header (ie. if WooCommerce )
  • Fixed a bug with “Update cart” button
  • Fixed a bug with Quantity buttons not working after Ajax updates
  • Changed Add to cart button’s icon from ‘cart’ to ‘cart plus’
  • Now hiding Sticky menu and WP admin bar when lightbox is open
  • Lightbox will now trigger only on galleries, Woo product galleries, featured images and images (or their containers) that have .zoomable class (previously lightbox was attempted on all content images and that was not ideal in all situations)
  • Corrected sticky menu placement when WP admin bar is present

WooCommerce 2.6.0

  • Updated single-product/review.php template
  • Updated order/order-details.php template
  • Updated myaccount/* templates
  • Corrected padding in product comments
  • Made adjustments for the updated WooCommerce Layered Nav widget
How to update

Your current Chap version can be checked in the WordPress admin dashboard under Chap Theme -> About.

The Envato Market plugin should notify when an update is available. If you're not seeing a message about an update, then you may need to reauthenticate, please refer to the theme updates page for instructions.

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