Chap 1.0.1 & WooCommerce 2.6.12
Fixed WC product variation name vertical alignment
Added Headers font weight and style options.
Added filter for Google Font variants: ‘chap_google_fonts_variants’.
Fixed footer text having background color with some themes.
Fixed unwanted box-shadow in header with GitHub menu theme.
Fixed inputs overflowing in forms in slides.
Added helper CSS classes for text color.
Forced footer menu to always be centered, regardless of footer alignment options.
Changed footer text from being displayed in a list by default and turned the default text value into a list shortcode instead. This will allow more control over what kind of content to display in the footer.
Added implicit styles for WC error messages that are otherwise hard-coded.
Added description fields for forms.
Fixed compiler progress bar placement on mobile.
WooCommerce 2.6.12
No breaking changes