Chap 1.0.5
Changed footer widgets headers from h3 to h4.
Moved post count to the outside of the link tag in categories widget.
Hid overflow in cards.
Added “active” class to Accordion shortcode, which allows to have Accordion item be open on page load.
Updated PolyLang Language Select widget to be working in the menu widget area.
Added better handling for WP admin bar behavior with sticky menu, sidebar menu and mobile.
Fixed settings exporting.
Added option to disable hierarchy in Mobile Menu, simplifying it greatly.
Added 2 more header background options and 1 video background to the setup wizard.
Header overflow is now hidden when using a video background.
Fixed Instagram Feed plugin’s Follow Button receiving wrong URL.
Began work moving widget-specific JS/CSS to widget filter files, so they are only loaded when the particular widget is actually used.
Exit mobile version