Chap 1.0.9 – AMP support for pages, products and archives
Added new core class for AMP.
Added new options page for AMP options.
More streamlined way to enable AMP.
Separated AMP CSS to separate components, loading only the required ones.
Added AMP support for pages.
Added AMP support for archives: search results, front page (latest posts), tags page, author archives, WooCommerce shop page.
Added AMP templates for post types: attachment, chap_slide, WooCommerce product.
Added automatic JSON-LD schema generation for supported AMP pages.
Added option to customize text in AMP footer.
General AMP template improvements and bug fixes.
Added support for Google Analytics on AMP pages.
Added support for analytics platform on AMP pages.
Added 3 advertisement slots on AMP pages.
Featured images are now properly hidden on AMP pages when the metabox option “Hidden” is selected.
Renamed “WooCommerce” options tab to “WC” to conserve space.