Chap 1.12.1 – Structured data fixes, AMP additions
Fixed structured data entry-title missing in some loops.
Fixed structured data author missing in some loops.
Removed hentry structured data from pages (this was intended for blog posts only).
Fixed slider height extending when page has only 1 slide.
Reflected change to HTTPS.
Added option to change loading screens loader color.
Added option to delay loading screens removal.
Fixed .ui.dropdown sizing in slides.
Added option to delete content added by specific imported demos. This is intended to help clean up after trying multiple demos.
Chap Shortcodes 1.6.1
Fixed carddimmer shortcode.
dimmer shortcode now works on AMP as a lightbox.
Cards created by posts shortcode now render properly on AMP.
Added AMP-specific styles for following shortcodes: button, buttons, card, cards, cardheader, cardtext, dimmer, image.
AMP support
Reduced AMP pages max-width to look more mobile-like on desktops.
Made header spacing more consistent.
Removed secondary colored background from galleries.