Chap 1.13.1 – AMP slider and options
Added .ui.stackable.buttons which are horizontally combined buttons that transform to vertical on smaller devices.
Added option to disable captions in galleries.
.celled and .internally.celled galleries now work properly.
Dropdown and popup menus can now contain dividers.
Loading screen will no longer be displayed if JavaScript is disabled.
Implemented AJAX saving for the Semantic UI component editor to assist in trying out different values conveniently.
AMP support
Slides can now selectively be displayed on AMP pages.
Fixed problem with buttons using browser’s default font-family.
Comments button is no longer displayed if comments are disabled from Chap settings.
Changed “View product” button on product pages to primary.
Added options to override colors on AMP pages.
Added option to change AMP pages maximum width.
Added option to choose which page to display on AMP front page, previously only the main home page could be used.
Added option to add custom CSS/SCSS to AMP pages.
Added redirects to unsupported WooCommerce endpoints.
Inserting ads into AMP content can now be done with <!--amp-ad--> string as well <!-- amp-ad -->.
Testimonials on AMP pages now load the proper styles.
Styling fixes for labeled buttons, cards and messages.
WooCommerce styles and scripts are now loaded separately from main styles and scripts.
Improved templates code quality.
HTML-escaped and changed wording of various strings.
Forked Titan Framework library to Chap Titan Framework to prevent conflicts with other plugins using the framework.
Hooks and filters prefixed with tf_ should now use ctf_.
Improved code quality for setup wizard, Titan Framework and miscellaneous files.
Disabled PHP Notice when trying to start as session while one is already opened by external plugins.
Added ID-s #chap-primary-sidebar and #chap-secondary-sidebar to sidebars.
Slides are now loaded earlier to allow sanitation on AMP pages before rendering.
Visually nothing should be changed.
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