Chap 1.13.3
One Click Demo Import now correctly removes previous AMP slides and product slides from front page before import.
Slider is now a customizable Semantic UI component.
Added option to force autoplay header background videos on mobile.
Corrected label and icon positioning in main menu dropdowns.
Corrected “Read more” link icon on RTL.
Added documentation for tables.
Added an About page that shows some basic info about theme status.
AMP support
Header and page fonts use main font weight and style.
Corrected font-family for .ui.header.
Added RTL support and stylesheet.
Cards are now always center aligned.
Hamburger menu icon is no longer displayed if there is no main menu.
Corrected slide content vertical centering.
Added Social sharing links option.
Added an option to display AMP page link in WP admin bar.
Packaged AMP plugin with the theme, so it could be used without network connection.
Optimized AMP pages for demo sites.
Added option to redirect specific AMP posts or pages to main website, disabling the AMPHTML canonical link on front end.
Added option to toggle buttons font weight on AMP pages.
Improved AMP CSS minification.
Corrected .ui.icon.header behavior on AMP.
Corrected .ui.statistic sizing on AMP.
Tabs on AMP pages get converted to accordions.
Accordions now work fully on AMP.
Table of contents is now always centered.
Chap Shortcodes 1.6.5
[social] shortcode can now display sharing links.
Tabs can now be active, disabled and right floated.
Added ABSPATH check to every PHP file.
Corrected admin styles for RTL.
Started using Chap primary color in setup wizard.
Removed hard coded links notices from Theme Check via a helper function.
More semantic naming for some admin libraries.
Chap version is now a constant in the Chap namespace: CHAP_VER.
Semantic UI icon theme is always locked to default due to compatibility issues of other themes.
Fixed a bug with a button in Setup Wizard.