Chap 1.14.0 – WooCommerce 3.2

Better accessibility support for popups in main menu.
Fixed conflict with main slider styles being applied to sliders created with shortcodes.
Template functions are now pluggable, meaning they can be overriden in Child theme’s functions.php file without needing to fork the entire library file.
Fixed bug where in some instances blog page was considered as front page by default. Blog page will only be home page when Reading Settings -> Front page displays is set to Your latest posts.
Masthead title on front page blog now uses alignment chosen in masthead options.
Accelerated Mobile Pages support
Featured images are no longer slightly wider than the main content on larger screens.
Search results page with no results is no rendered properly.
Added detection for blog page that is not on front page.
Fixed a bug where loops that contained a post with AMP disabled redirected the loop page to main website as well.
Added JSON-LD schema to search results page.
Buttons are slightly smaller to match the size of main website buttons.
Display headers are slightly smaller, to match the size of display headers on main website at mobile resolution.
Fixed styling of segments containing amp-carousel (galleries).
Chap Shortcodes 1.7.2
Changes to AMP styles listed above.
WooCommerce 3.2
Updated support to WooCommerce 3.2.0.
Changed templates:
Fixed shipping calculator to render correct dropdowns after AJAX updates.
WooCommerce template functions are now pluggable.
How to update

Your current Chap version can be checked in the WordPress admin dashboard under Chap Theme -> About.

The Envato Market plugin should notify when an update is available. If you're not seeing a message about an update, then you may need to reauthenticate, please refer to the theme updates page for instructions.