Chap 1.14.1 – Morph popups
Added option to enable Morph popups, unique and more responsive transitions for main menu popups.
Main menu popup items can now be created by a checkbox in the WordPress menu editor, instead of adding a “popup” class.
Main menu popup items can now contain custom content, be inverted and have a custom width.
Optimized preset header background images and video to reduce overall size of the Chap release package.
Theme options can now contain popup tooltips and modal images to help better explain what the options do.
Added filters to slides admin page to show only slides that are shown on front page and more.
Header sizes in post loops can now be configured.
Added option for paged pagination instead of “Older posts/Newer posts” links.
Added options to change whether main menu dropdowns and popups should be pointing.
Added option to set a custom size for menus in main menu popups.
Added option for boxed layout.
Mobile media query will now kick in a little sooner for headers, to avoid overflow issues on screen sizes between smallest tablet and largest mobile.
Main menus with containers no longer remain full width at mobile screen sizes, table of contents item size is no longer increased.
Added .mobile-invisible helper CSS class.
Fixed bug with excerpt length of 0 not being applied.
Added template functions for WP Recipe Maker plugin.
Added compact version of the WP Recipe Maker template.
Chap Shortcodes 1.7.3
Sliders can now contain posts.
Slider slides content can be vertically aligned.
Posts can now have a custom header size.
Posts default parameters no longer depend on theme options for loops.