Chap 1.15.3 – WordPress 4.9

Updated color-picker-alpha library to support WordPress 4.9.
Menu items with children now have a checkbox allowing to disable dropdown mode and display children as a vertical menu instead (previously this could only be done by adding the no-dropdown class).
Menu items with children now have an option to disable showing of dropdown icon.
Loop options and [posts] shortcode now have options to disable the “Read more” link under posts.
Brand logo can now use original image size by setting “Image size modifier” option to 0.
Added option that allows to center brand text on mobile.
Added option that allows to hide brand text on mobile.
Added option that allows to hide brand logo image on mobile.
Added option to display short product description in product cards.
Added option to disable application of “on sale color” to product cards.
Added option to modify product category cards header size.
Added option to disable showing of product count in product category cards.
Added option to display category description in product category cards.
Fixed product short description container’s z-index on single product page.
Removed bottom margin from last items in vertical menus in popups.
Removed max-width from WooCommerce product reviews container.
Fixed bug with .ui.sticky.label z-index.
Added lazy loading option to [image] shortcode.
Fixed bug with excerpt length of secondary loops on blog page.
Fixed bug where WooCommerce product slides were not showing up on AMP front page.
Refactored the code of Chap Nav Menu Walker.
Updated Category widget dropdown’s code to work with WordPress 4.9.
Refactored WooCommerce content-product.php and content-product_cat.php templates, added information which WooCommerce hooks have been unhooked and what they are replaced with.
Fixed bug where WooCommerce endpoint names contained escaped HTML in WordPress menu editor.
Removed duplicate button class from WooCommerce “Add to cart” buttons in product cards.
Added consistent styling to “Your rating” label to the WooCommerce product review form.
Added ARIA roles to [list] shortcode and it’s items, when using the div tag.
Item loops on AMP pages now left align the image.
Morph popups now use correct perspective when opening first popup.
Menus in popups with only 2 levels of items are now correctly inverted.
How to update

Your current Chap version can be checked in the WordPress admin dashboard under Chap Theme -> About.

The Envato Market plugin should notify when an update is available. If you're not seeing a message about an update, then you may need to reauthenticate, please refer to the theme updates page for instructions.