Chap 1.15.4
Fix – Display dropdown icon menu item option replaced with Hide dropdown icon due to complications telling apart false and undefined values. This means if you’ve hidden any dropdown items in the previous Chap version they may show up again and need to be toggled off again, sorry for the inconvenience.
Fix – Display children as vertical menu option changed to show for top level menu items only.
Tweak – Added CSS to treat elements following an .invisible element as first-child.
Dev – Modified chap_render_entry_meta hook to allow toggling off microdata classes where needed to avoid outputting invalid microdata.
Tweak – Added various filters for element classes.
Dev – Moved various JavaScript functions to the window.chap object.
SEO – Posts where title and meta is displayed in the masthead now include an invisible <h1> in the article context.
Accessibility – Added role attributes to menus and menu items, shortcodes included.
Fix – Placeholder text in Categories widget in dropdown mode is no longer a selectable option.
Fix – hentry class is now correctly removed from pages in secondary loops.
Fix – Removed deprecated microdata attributes from various WooCommerce templates.
Fix – List and list items aria-role attribute changed to the correct role attribute.
Tweak – Assets loaded in Child theme’s functions.php now use child theme’s version instead of parent theme’s version.