Chap 1.15.5
Tweak – Header template preview images now use a menu with a container to give better illustration of the widget areas.
Usability – Background related options are now using a new, more compact, control.
Tweak – Slide background image opacity can now be changed.
Option – Added new control “box model”, allows better control over margin, border and padding of certain UI elements, replaces theme options: “Remove masthead bottom border” and “Masthead title vertical margin”, “Space above brand container” and added to new locations.
Usability – Various radio select options changed to horizontal layout.
Option – TinyMCE editor is now in text mode by default to preserve shortcode indentation, can be toggled back to visual mode under general options tab.
Usability – Additions to option information text and popups, more illustrative images.
Fix – Replaced code that required PHP version 5.6.
Fix – Archives, categories and WC product categories widgets dropdowns no longer force a selection and don’t output duplicate JavaScript when multiple instances are on the same page.
Tweak – “Primary menu” renamed to “Main menu”, “Footer bottom menu” renamed to “Footer menu”.
Accessibility – Headers shortcodes without h1-h5 tags now have role and aria-level attributes.
Fix – Grid columns use proper alignment on AMP pages.
Tweak – Custom CSS and JS metabox textareas are now full width.
New background control