Chap 1.15.6

Option – Added option to change main slider’s box model.
Tweak – Better compression for compiled Semantic UI, ~7.5% reduced file size:
Number precision capped to 5.
Leading zeroes from floats removed.
> spacing removed.
!important spacing removed.
calc() spacing cleaned.
Last attributes’ ; removed.
Fix – Removed deprecated option main_menu_bottom_margin from view.
Tweak – dropdown-parent and dropdown-child menu item classes renamed to root and subroot, unnecessary !important statements removed, improved CSS :active state handling.
Tweak – Stopped using .ui.header for no-dropdown menu item parents, which looked bad when using noticeably different fonts for headers and menus; now using menu font.
Fix – Dropdown icon in vertical menus is now vertically centered more accurately.
Tweak – Some sidebar menu parameters are now using configurable variables.
Tweak – .ui.tiny.display.header is now slightly bigger.
Fix – Corrected .ui.header and spacing on small screens.
Fix – Borderless menus no longer remove the menu’s outer border, only item division, as was originally intended by Semantic UI.
Tweak – WPRM recipe template’s ingredients list units and notes are now more distinguishable.
Fix – WPRM recipe template step images widths are now properly limited.
Fix – [input], [checkbox], [select] and [textarea] shortcodes now accept the HTML required attribute.
Fix – Fixed a bug where main menu popup item links would no longer trigger after opening a dropdown.
Composites – Added 4 new composites: Info sections, Call to Action 2, Statistics and Team page 2.
New composites

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