Chap 1.15.7 – Fixes, new demo

Tweak – AMP galleries are now less tall when gallery is created using thumbnail, chap-small or medium image sizes.
Tweak – Added .stackable variation for .ui.action.input making it responsive on smaller devices.
Fix – [slider] shortcode now applies the wrapper argument on AMP pages as well, fixing some of the styling issues with posts loops in sliders.
Fix – [slider] shortcode containing a [gallery] shortcode no longer creates a duplicate nested amp-carousel on AMP pages.
Tweak – [slider] shortcode now has an amp_type argument to allow manually specifying whether to output slides or carousel.
Fix – [posts] loops header sizes now use the shortcode attribute on AMP pages as well.
Tweak – [posts] shortcode grid variation no longer uses blog theme option to justify column contents.
Fix – Fixed card button sizing in sliders on AMP pages.
Fix – Cards on AMP pages no longer inherit the line-height from articles.
Fix – Hidden post meta no longer shows up on AMP pages.
Internal – class-chap-amp moved to lib/amp subfolder.
Update – Updated One Click Demo Import plugin from version 2.4.0 to 2.5.0.
Demo – Added new demo: Business 2.
How to update

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