Chap 1.16.1 – WooCommerce 3.3.1
Fix – Responsive CSS helper classes now work on AMP pages.
Tweak – Attempt to fix false positive indicator on Chap Theme -> About page.
Fix – Prevent notices when Chap Shortcodes plugin is disabled.
Plugin support – WP Recipe Maker supported version updated to 2.1.1.
Plugin support – WooCommerce supported version updated to 3.1.1.
Tweak – Improved CSS minification on AMP pages.
Shortcodes – Added [cardextra] shortcode for adding extra content to cards.
WooCommerce 3.3.1
Updated theme to support WooCommerce version 3.3.1.
Changed templates:
Fix – Layered nav widget in dropdown mode now correctly removes pagination from URL when applying a filter.
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