Chap 1.16.2 – WooCommerce 3.3.2
Tweak – Added check for PHP SimpleXML module to Chap About page.
Tweak – Widgets are no longer filtered when SimpleXML module is missing, to prevent fatal error.
Tweak – Added helpful tooltips to Chap About page.
Tweak – Remove unset CSS attributes from Semantic UI post compile.
Fix – Attached labels should now use configured border-radius.
Tweak – Added filter to display slides on pages where they are otherwise not supported.
Fix – Fixed a bug where the post preview link would always open in new tab when previewing a page that had AMP-only slides.
Fix – Removed direct function import that required too high PHP version.
Tweak – Removed preceding space from editor media buttons.
Fix – [lorem] shortcode no longer uses paragraph count as a class.
Tweak – [embed] shortcode can now be triggered manually, with different JavaScript configuration, by applying manual class to it.
Accelerated Mobile Pages
AMP plugin supported version increased to 0.6.1.
Tweak – Refactored AMP integration code, splitting code into organized folders with pluggable functions.
Tweak – AMP CSS now uses variables, allowing main website options such as border-radius to also carry over.
Fix – AMP sidebar close button no longer redirects to home page.
Tweak – AMP plugin is no longer installed when conflicting plugins are active, added warnings.
Tweak – Added AMP post type status display to AMP options, with link to AMP plugin options,
where they can be changed.
Tweak – Don’t evaluate AMP class on admin pages or when have conflicts.
Tweak – Remove AMP customizer link from Appearance.
Option – Added option to display AMP pages as modal when using link from WP Admin Bar.
Tweak – Grids behave more consistently on AMP pages.
Fix – Resolved conflict when using [posts] shortcode in [tabs] shortcode on AMP pages.
Fix – Fixed [card] image border-radius inconsistencies.
Fix – [code] shortcode now uses correct border-radius.
WooCommerce 3.3.2
Updated theme to support WooCommerce version 3.3.2.
Changed templates:
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