Chap 1.16.3 – WooCommerce 3.3.3
Fix – Slider button and segment sizes reworked to fix a bug making sizes decrease when base size is increased.
Tweak – Added option to display post dates as human readable time difference.
Tweak – Post meta (date and author) are now rendered using slightly different markup, because previous version used to inherit styles, but it didn’t work well with all themes and sizes.
Fix – Removed unused asset.
Accelerated Mobile Pages
Tweak – Post date is now displayed in the format chosen from Chap Theme -> General options.
Fix – [posts] shortcode now loads correct card styles on AMP pages.
Tweak – Significantly reduced slider slides padding to give slides more room on mobile screen sizes. Slider controls will now overlap.
Fix – Testimonial paragraphs no longer overlap with the corner label.
WooCommerce 3.3.3
Updated supported WooCommerce version to 3.3.3.
Removed unused/empty WooCommerce stylesheet.
Breaking change notes

The rework on slider button sizes means if you’re using a non-default value for Chap Theme -> Styles -> Base size option, then buttons in slides will potentially be larger than they were before the update.

If you find that the buttons are too large you can reduce it’s size class, eg. big -> large.

If you wish to roll back the changes altogether, just add the following variables to Chap Theme -> SUI -> Elements – Slider -> elements/slider.variables:

 * Slide font sizes.
@slideSmallMobileFontSize    : @10px;
@slideMediumMobileFontSize   : @12px;
@slideLargeMobileFontSize    : @14px;
@slideTabletFontSize         : @22px;
@slideLaptopFontSize         : @28px;
@slideLargeLaptopFontSize    : @32px;
 * Slide segment sizes.
@slideMiniSegmentFontSize    : @relative7px;
@slideTinySegmentFontSize    : @relative8px;
@slideSmallSegmentFontSize   : @relative9px;
@slideSegmentFontSize        : @relative10px;
@slideLargeSegmentFontSize   : @relative11px;
@slideBigSegmentFontSize     : @relative12px;
@slideHugeSegmentFontSize    : @relative13px;
@slideMassiveSegmentFontSize : @relative14px;
 * Slide button sizes.
@slideMiniButtonFontSize     : @relative7px;
@slideTinyButtonFontSize     : @relative8px;
@slideSmallButtonFontSize    : @relative9px;
@slideButtonFontSize         : @relative10px;
@slideLargeButtonFontSize    : @relative11px;
@slideBigButtonFontSize      : @relative12px;
@slideHugeButtonFontSize     : @relative13px;
@slideMassiveButtonFontSize  : @relative14px;