Chap 1.16.6 – Bug fixes, new demo, WC 3.3.4

Added new demo – App landing page.
Tweaked some pages on Business demo.
Fixed bug with Quick Edit AJAX call getting interrupted by an unintended security check.
Fixed bug with Brand logo image size modifier not using float values.
Added CSS to fix Semantic UI’s n item menus.
Fixed bug when post meta was hidden, but still took up space.
Brand text is now center aligned when logo position is set to “above”, even if there is no logo.
Right/left corner featured images are now center aligned on mobile.
Updated supported WooCommerce version to 3.3.4, no major changes.
Added new page composites: FAQ (text), Services (grid) and Reviews.
Newsletter composites now provide alternative content for AMP.
Icons in icon headers are now properly aligned on AMP pages.
Added integration code for Subtitles plugin, allowing to add a secondary title to posts or pages.
New composites
FAQ page
Reviews page
Services page
New demo
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