Chap 1.17.3
Semantic UI JavaScript file updated to latest version.
Debug information removed from Semantic UI JavaScript file, reducing file size by 45kb.
Fixed bug with ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS when activating plugins that interact with PHP sessions.
Added styles for .ui.block.image (an image displayed as block instead of inline-block).
Fixed styles for .ui.divided.image to only apply to top and bottom margins, allowing it to be combined with .ui.spaced.image for horizontal spacing.
Added fix for list items with image and long content, no longer wrapping the whole content to new line.
Added media query restrictions to .alignwide.
Added updates to Semantic UI button component for creating inverted primary and secondary buttons.
Added fix for using icons with the .list class inside lists.
Updated Semantic UI dimmer and modal components – better centering and mobile behavior using flexbox.
Added mini and tiny modal sizes.
Gutenberg Semantic UI
Blocks that can be floated now set data-align to provide cleaner user interface while floated.
Button block icon position is now configurable.
Button can now be loading.
Added descriptions to blocks.
Added help text to various options.
Fixed bug with placeholders not returning and new content not saving after deleting all text.
Divider block can now contain an icon.
Added new image select control.
Header block updated to use new image select control.
Image block can now link to a larger version of itself with theme’s lightbox functionality.
Image block now has an option to be displayed as a block instead of inline-block.
Image block now has an option to add vertical spacing.
Label block can now contain an image.
Label block no longer includes unnecessary medium size in class names.
ListItem block can now contain an image.
Message block received line-height adjustments in editor.
Added new block: Statistic.
Post layout metabox option will now be reflected in editor width (after saving).
Added missing options page file.
Added AMP styles of Gutenberg text sizes.
Added fix for piled segments in the editor.
Accelerated Mobile Pages
Body line-height is now a variable.
Image captions are now slightly closer to the image.
Added AMP styles for .alignfull and amp-img.emoji.
Sanitize Gutenberg Semantic UI label, statistic, header and list blocks (removing images that can’t be styled correctly).
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