Chap 1.17.6 – Gutenberg grid and landing page presets
Preview new Gutenberg landing page presets:
Gutenberg Semantic UI
Fixed bug with Gutenberg 3.7.
Added warning message when using blocks who’s Semantic UI component is disabled.
Added option to display blocks inline in the editor for: Button, Label, Image, Icon.
Plugin assets now use plugin version for cache busting.
Added blocks: Grid, Row, Column, allowing to create Semantic UI grids.
Removed default left text align from blocks: Container, Header.
Added display option to Header block, allowing to create .ui.display.header-s.
Image block now allows to use a remote URL.
Image block now allows to not specify a size, fluid option moved from toolbar to size slider.
Added new block: Landing page presets. This allows to select and modify landing page UI.
Fixed bulleted list item bullet positioning in the editor.
Included helper CSS in Gutenberg editor CSS.
Accelerated Mobile Pages
Added more specificity to text alignment helper classes.
Fixed sidebar menu padding.