Chap 1.17.9 – Admin usability, AMP, WC
Code editors now expand their size when there is a lot of content for better usability.
Option page name tab names are now reflected in page title.
Nonfunctional comment edit link no longer visible to unauthenticated users.
[content] shortcode can now be used outside of Accordion context.
Accelerated Mobile Pages
Added support for .ui.fluid.button, .ui.attached.button, .ui.animated.button.
Header brand can now use a custom image instead of site title.
Header brand can now be left/center/right aligned.
Added advanced full-width styles for .ui.vertical.stripe.segments, enabled by default but can be turned off.
Full width page no longer leaves a gap between article and footer.
Added additional AMP stylesheets: segment colors, segment sizes, header colors, button colors, label colors, label sizes, icon colors, statistic colors. Disabled by default.
Reworked slider CSS for more consistency, vertical alignment fixed.
Semantic UI icons are now correctly converted to FontAwesome in slides.
Fixed stretching images in grid and item loops, featured image.
Product columns option removed, now points to the WooCommerce customizer option that controls it.
Shop page now uses the assigned page’s actual title instead of hard-coded “Shop” string.
Added [wcaddtocart] shortcode, Chap theme’s AMP ready alternative for the WooCommerce [add_to_cart] shortcode.
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