Chap 1.18.8
Fix – Fixed last stripe segment having bottom border and margin due to amp-image-lightbox
Tweak – First stripe segment now has negative top margin on AMP pages with full width template
Fix – Fixed AMP brand having no left spacing when there is no main menu assigned
Fix – Fixed grids to use correct box-sizing in AMP slides
Fix – Featured images now receive amp-image-lightbox functionality only on single post pages
New – Added option to use main site’s header background as AMP slider’s background
Tweak – Animate on Scroll library will no longer try to initialize if the library is not loaded
Tweak – @chapMastheadBreakLongTitles variable no longer true by default
Fix – last child border radius
Plugin – Updated AMP plugin to 1.0.2
Fix – .ui.left/right.aligned.mca.icon.header now correctly centers the icon on mobile
Tweak – .alignwide in AMP article context now has negative margin to cover the full mobile screen width
New – Added AMP styles for WooCommerce Featured Product block
New – Added option to display WooCommerce product availability in product cards (ex: “5 in stock” or “Out of stock”)
Tweak – core/quote block without a cite no longer has extra spacing on the bottom

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