Chap 1.19.1

Tweak – Omit editor styles when custom tailored editor styles are loaded instead.
Fix – Some conditional AMP styles were loaded despite the condition being false.
New – Added option to utilize AMP plugin-generated metadata (WebPage and BlogPosting) on the main site as well.
Tweak – Added filter for footer mini image.
Fix – Accordion uses white background instead of transparent on AMP pages.
Tweak – Increase specificity of .ui.list first- and last-child selectors on AMP pages.
Gutenberg Semantic UI
Fix – Content preset no longer renders unintended prop.
New landing page presets: FAQ accordion, Feature Grid, Mission-Vision-Action.
New content presets: About page 2, About me page, Portfolio cards page, Single portfolio item page.
New landing page presets
New content presets