Chap 1.19.2
Breaking change in Chap 1.19.2
Due to potential conflicts, wp.hooks JavaScript library has been renamed to chap.hooks.

If your custom JavaScript includes calls to wp.hooks they need to be renamed to chap.hooks, for example:

- wp.hooks.addAction('chap_init', custom_function, 5);
+ chap.hooks.addAction('chap_init', custom_function, 5);

Places to check:

Chap Theme -> Code -> Global JavaScript
Your child theme’s functions.php
Your child theme’s scripts.js

Sorry for the inconvenience. Please contact support for any assistance.

Breaking change – Due to potential conflicts wp.hooks library has been renamed to chap.hooks.
Tweak – Bundled Gutenberg Semantic UI plugin is now offered when Classic Editor plugin is installed, but configured to allow both editors.
Tweak – Use FS_CHMOD_FILE 0644 when dealing with filesystem.
Change – Remove deprecated is_gutenberg_page() in favor of get_current_screen()->is_block_editor().
Tweak – Fix issue with importing presets when the child theme folder name contains uppercase characters.
Option – Added option to lazyload featured images.
Tweak – Footer mini image is now lazyloaded when lazyload option is enabled in Chap Shortcodes plugin settings.
Fix – Fix table of contents item in n-item menus.
Fix – Fix n-column rows in .ui.feature.vertical.stripe.segment‘s.
Tweak – Relax .ui.featured-image.segment CSS selector specificity to allow custom rendering of featured images outside of article context without needing to create duplicate CSS.
Plugin support – Add support loading subtitle from WP Subtitle plugin – an alternative subtitles plugin with Gutenberg support.
Tweak – Sliders on AMP pages now keep showing their controls when navigation attribute is set to true.
Tweak – Hook slider-related inline JavaScript to Chap Shortcodes slider script, instead of Chap main script.
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