Chap 1.19.4
Update AMP plugin version to 1.1.0.
Update templates for WooCommerce 3.6.0. Changed files:
Fix – WooCommerce cart no longer reloads the page instead of using AJAX when clicking the icon in “Update cart” button.
Tweak – Use Semantic UI form element colors for WooCommerce checkout form validated/invalid fields.
Fix – Add display name field to WooCommerce edit account form.
Fix – Ensure WooCommerce state select is visible when applicable.
Fix – WooCommerce notices should now be retrieved from AJAX response and displayed properly.
Fix – Add spacing between WooCommerce checkout form errors and coupon input notice.
Fix – WooCommerce product variations list formatting in Checkout order review and Order details.
Tweak – Don’t display radio input when only 1 available shipping method.
Tweak – Don’t lazyload images with data URLs.
Tweak – Adjust [posts] shortcode grid loop image and content spacing.
Tweak – Retrieve modular Semantic UI files in a non-static manner to prevent errors with some PHP versions.
Tweak – Display PHP error log location in Chap Theme -> About.
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