Chap 1.19.6
Tweak – Chap slides post type is now registered by a bundled plugin to allow managing chap_slide post type even after switching the theme. It’s recommended to install that plugin, but fallback code remains in the theme until 30 November 2019, after which the slides will still show up, but there won’t be a way to edit them without the plugin. This is for WordPress theme requirements compliance.
Tweak – TGM plugin activation no longer forces activation, notices can now be dismissed.
New – Added toggle to Chap Theme -> About page to control TGM plugin activation notices.
Tweak – Don’t show TGM plugin activation notice while Setup wizard notice is showing.
Tweak – Plugins from WordPress plugin directory are installed from there, no longer bundled.
Tweak – All external links now have noreferrer rel attribute in addition to noopener.
Tweak – Theme options code editor now has minimum height of 12 lines.
Fix – Avoid loading Titan Framework assets on admin pages that don’t require them.
Tweak – Hide potential unwanted content from 3rd party plugins below setup wizard.
Tweak – Use class_exists() and defined() instead of is_plugin_active().
Tweak – Stripped unneeded code from phpQuery library.
Tweak – Chap Theme -> About page now requires switch_themes capability instead of manage_options.
Tweak – .ui.code.segment styles moved to Semantic UI segment overrides instead of separate stylesheet in order to include the styles in the block editor.
New – Current header template name is now applied as a body class.
Tweak – Use centered grid instead of center aligned on 404 page to keep the error message text unaffected.
Tweak – [code] shortcode now supports all languages supported by Prism, autoloading them as needed.
Tweak – Load precompiled block editor styles out of the box when Setup wizard is not completed and recommended plugins are not yet activated.
Tweak – Use WP FileSystem for reading files in LESS compiler.
Tweak – Default bundled precompiled Semantic UI now includes styles for block editor blocks.
Fix – Don’t use Sage wrapper when the request is for an embedded post/page.
Fix – Add missing dependancy to admin script.
New – Added styles for core/group block (upcoming block).
New – Added action chap_amp_body_open, similar to wp_body_open introduced in WP 5.2.
New – Added support for AMP Auto Ads.
Tweak – Removed AMP plugin’s AMP link from admin bar, since the theme already provides one.
Fix – Don’t check for AMP support on 404 pages and empty archives to avoid producing PHP notices.
Gutenberg Semantic UI
New – Use custom appenders for list, cards and accordion blocks. Will be available in a future WordPress update or when installing the Gutenberg plugin now.
New – Added new format – Semantic UI Label, allowing to create SUI Labels inside rich text.
Fix – Inline code in editor now uses the correct color and font-weight.
Update – Change deprecated .editor-* selectors to .block-editor-*.
Update – Forward-compatible updates to block spacing according to changes made to the latest version of Gutenberg plugin.
New – Added a new control for selecting direction, such as pointing, attached, left/right, etc.
New block – Code: create syntax highlighted code blocks using the CodeMirror editor on the back end, Prism on the front end. A block editor alternative to the [code] shortcode.
Tweak – Composites block now uses CodeMirror editor instead of a regular textarea.
Tweak – Content preset block’s parent now spans the full editor width for easier selection.