Chap 1.19.7
Tweak Update core/cover block styles to match latest changes to the block.
New 3 new importable demos: Business 3, Clean, Portfolio
Tweak One Click Demo Import no longer imports default WordPress pages such as “Hello world!” and “Sample Page”.
Tweak One Click Demo Import no longer imports comments.
Fix One Click Demo Import now uses unique GUID for similar pages from different demos.
Fix One Click Demo Import now remaps [gallery] shortcode and gsui/gallery block image IDs.
Tweak Theme update Semantic UI recompilation notice now includes a link to patch notes.
Tweak .has-xyz-color classes now have more specificity.
Fix Remove W3C-invalid menu item container from sidebar menu when hierarchy is disabled.
New [header] shortcode can now be used in a [card] shortcode by setting the card attribute to true.
New 9 new front page composites and 5 new page presets available as shortcodes.
New Added experimental amp-style and amp-classes attributes to shortcodes, allowing to use additional inline styles and classes on AMP pages.
Fix [testimonial] shortcode no longer forces bold text for author on AMP pages.
Tweak Adjusted some demos to use latest features.
Tweak Load .ui.stackable.buttons CSS only when needed.
New Added helper function for outputting sanitized AMP HTML.
Gutenberg Semantic UI
Fix gsui/gallery shortcode no longer breaks visually when moving the block down.
Tweak gsui/gallery images are no longer responsive in the editor due to their container iframe having a small width.
Fix gsui/listitem in an inverted list now correctly inherits inverted text color from any inverted parent containers.
Tweak Editor width changes now have transition effects.
Tweak Code editor settings now use a filter gsui.codeEditorSettings.
Fix WooCommerce product presets now use shortcodes instead of WooCommerce product blocks.
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