Chap 1.19.8
Added support for WooCommerce 3.7. Modified templates:
Added AMP support for the new WooCommerce Featured Category block.
Admin bar Tablet, Mobile and AMP modals now work while previewing a post.
No longer show Chap admin bar icon in the Network Admin dashboard.
Added option to enable automatic slider height.
Added option to disable slider scaling. This can be helpful when adding more complex elements to the slides, such as forms or accordions because with scaling some elements behave oddly. It probably works best with automatic slider height since you have to make the content larger manually and it won’t go smaller on smaller screens anymore, instead it behaves like any other responsive content on your pages.
Fixed grids that utilize all 16 columns overflowing and wrapping in slides.
Last paragraphs in slides no longer have bottom margin.
Updated shortcode argument documentation to use a table.
Gutenberg Semantic UI 1.0.8
Added option to register blocks instantly in case of conflicts.
SUI Divider block can now be transformed to and from Separator and Spacer blocks.
Gallery block can now be transformed to Chap’s Gallery block.
Image block can now be transformed to SUI Image block and back.
List block can now be transformed to SUI List block and back (does not work well with nested/indented blocks though).
SUI Statistic block can now hide it’s label.
Added experimental support for transforming some shortcodes ([header], [p], [image], [button], [divider]) to blocks when using the Convert to Blocks option of Classic Block. The API that supports this is unreliable and sometimes doesn’t work. It could also cause errors with certain shortcodes. The feature can be disabled from Chap Theme -> Chap Shortcodes if it causes any issues. Other than that, it should save some time when converting classic content to blocks.
Added some missing links to a content preset.
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