Chap 1.20.5
Fix theme options color picker input height.
Replace usage of uniqid()with static indexes.
Refactor Semantic UI component style loading on AMP pages.
Remove duplicate Gutenberg public LESS variables.
Modularize AMP styles more.
Gutenberg Semantic UI 1.0.12
Add anchor support for Button, Card, Cards, Column, Container, Content preset, Divider, Grid, Header, Icon, Label, Landing page preset, List, List item, Message, Row, Segment, Segments, Statistic and Testimonial blocks.
Remove HTML editing support from Gallery, Posts and Social blocks.
Reduced nested block spacing for Grid, Segment, Segments and Container blocks.
Column block now has options for padding and color, Row block now has an option for color.
Fix text wrapping in Divider block.
Header block can now display icon on the right side.
Include wp-server-side-render in script dependencies.
Remove old “forwards compatibility” CSS.
Fix jump when clicking on last block list appender.
Inherit correct text size in Segment default appender.
Exit mobile version