Chap 1.21.1
Update theme to support AMP plugin version 1.5+. Compatibility plugin version 144 no longer needed.
Update theme for WooCommerce 4.1.0. Changed templates:
Update Chap Font Awesome SVG plugin icons to FA version 5.13.0, including new COVID-19 icons.
Update library to version 3.0.
Fix AMP slide background image height.
Add amp_post_template_body_open action to html-start.php AMP template.
Remove maximum-scale and user-scalable from html-start.php AMP template viewport meta.
Added option to choose what to display for primary menu mobile item – sidebar icon, “Menu” text or both (default), along with chap_main_menu_toc_item_content filter for customizations.
Fix AMP segment styles not loaded for aligned images.
Avoid using WP_Screen functions when get_current_screen() returns null.
Fix link color in AMP inverted dimmer.
Add missing WPRM recipe AMP styles.