Chap 1.21.2
Fix AMP attachment template.
Support webp, tiff, bmp, svg in lightboxes.
Removed automatic support for uploading svg images to WordPress media library. Use SVG support plugin instead.
Replace esc_attr with esc_html where appropriate.
Added options for (inverted) main, sticky and sidebar menu colors.
Update AMP fallback image guide size from 696px to 1200px.
Use !important for .has-*-background-color classes to ensure specificity in different CSS load orders.
Add #comment-{id} ID to comment wrappers.
Prevent using template wrapper for AMP stories made with google/web-stories-wp plugin.
Added Tested up to tag to theme’s style.css.
Allow loading attribute in shortcodes.
WooCommerce 4.3 compatibility (RC2) – no breaking changes.
Fix SUI Header block’s subheader being hidden in the editor.
Fix Gallery block rendering a notice when no images have been added.
Exit mobile version