Chap 1.21.8
Improved styling for post password input, added styling for AMP pages.
Added new header template: Header search.
Added new option to defer rendering Sticky and Mobile menus. When enabled, the menus will be loaded via REST API when they are requested, instead of on initial page load.
Update for WooCommerce 4.6.0 compatibility.
Changed templates:
Chap Shortcodes 1.12.3
[form] shortcode is now allowed on AMP pages if the attribute amp="true" is set.
Added AMP styles for:
[checkbox] shortcode now adds for attribute to labels automatically, unless autofor="false" is specified.
Added [search] shortcode – a shortcode that uses Semantic UI Search module with WordPress /wp/v2/search REST endpoint to display search result suggestions as you type.
[ui] shortcode attempts to automatically load AMP styles for SUI components that are used.
color and border-radius AMP styles of various shortcodes now use values from global variables.
Some shortcodes now display a message to admin users when the required Semantic UI component is not enabled.