Chap 1.22.4
Check compatibility with WooCommerce 5.0.
Add options to change WooCommerce Shop and Product page layout (no sidebars/1 sidebar/2 sidebars/full width).
Add block editor styles for .has-*-color and kbd.
Fix invalid parameter for get_avatar() in post author segment.
Add chap_hide_title filter – by default the title is hidden on front page and when using the full width template, this filter allows to disable this functionality.
Showing title on front page example
add_filter('chap_hide_title', function($hide) {
	if(is_front_page()) {
		return false;
	return $hide;
Gutenberg Semantic UI 1.0.23
Fix SVG icon picker z-index.
Fix SVG icon picker crash when no results.
Change server side rendered blocks body background color to transparent.