Chap 1.22.8
Check compatibility with WooCommerce 5.4.
Added option the enable smooth scrolling to anchor links’ destination.
Fix AMP color styles sometimes not loaded for blocks with primary/secondary classes.
Added option to select a default post layout.
Updated Contact Form 7 loader to unload reCaptcha assets when applicable.
Added metabox option to choose how the title is displayed on the current page (masthead|normal|hidden).
Added option to disable archive title prefixes (such as “Author: “, “Category: “, “Tag: “).
Theme variable (@chapVerticalStripeUseIncreasedFontSizes) that increases font sizes for .ui.stripe.segment‘s, is now separated for headers and paragraphs and no longer applies to display headers.
Added missing styles for
Fix AMP styles for template that only shows content.
Remove active classes from anchor links in menus.
Chap Shortcodes 1.12.6
Removed Google Plus from social settings.
Allow image shortcode to pass loading attribute to the img element.
Strip all tags and shortcodes from search shortcode results.
Added vertical_align="stretch" option for slider shortcode that contains card.
Gutenberg Semantic UI 1.0.25
Rename “Code” block to “Chap code” for clarity.
Fix Composite block not showing shortcode presets.
Remove negative margin from Landing page preset block, causing a horizontal scrollbar with latest Gutenberg plugin.
Add spacing for List block appender button.
Fix tab and shift+tab unfocusing the code editor in Chap code and Composite blocks.
Add overlay indicator when .invisible helper option is enabled.
Header block directly in an inverted Segment block now correctly uses inverted text color by default.
Fix some elements having default border-radius when it’s set to 0.
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