Chap 1.23.3

Check compatibility with WooCommerce 6.0.
Update Viewer.js from 0.4.0 to 1.10.2.
Update Swiper from 3.4.0 to 7.3.3.
Added option to change font letter-spacing.
Added option to customize or remove the text displayed on “Under construction” page.
Added option to customize the box model of brand logo image element (deprecated @chapBrandLogoImageMargin variable from chap/core component).
Added option to configure vertical alignment of footer widgets.
Added option to configure the color of main slider’s controls instead of just black/white.
Added option to enable simple controls for Viewer.js (image lightbox).
Update browserlist.
Chap Shortcodes 1.12.9
Update [slider] shortcode for latest Swiper version.
How to update

Your current Chap version can be checked in the WordPress admin dashboard under Chap Theme -> About.

The Envato Market plugin should notify when an update is available. If you're not seeing a message about an update, then you may need to reauthenticate, please refer to the theme updates page for instructions.