Chap 1.23.6

Update outdated string in product search form template.
Add chap_wc_loop_product_before_image action.
Add chap_wc_loop_product_after_image action.
Apply shop page layout to product category and tag archives.
Add chap_wc_product_categories_widget_menu_classes filter.
Add chap_wc_layered_nav_label_classes filter.
Add chap_wc_layered_nav_classes filter.
Add chap_wc_layered_nav_item filter.
Fix WC layered nav widget implementation.
Add chap_menu_dropdown_icon filter.
Make some CF7 and WC related CSS conditional.
Add styles for hCaptcha plugin.
Fix color picker alpha integration.
Fix image lightbox picking small srcset image instead of full image in WC image gallery.
How to update

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