Chap 1.23.8
Check compatibility with WordPress 6.0-RC2.
Update for WooCommerce 6.5.
Add .uc.text helper CSS class for uppercase text.
Disable page scrolling when sidebar menu is open.
Prevent showing deferred sticky menu when user has scrolled above the trigger point before the menu loaded.
Add option that allows using PhotoSwipe for WC product images.
Add max-width to sidebars.
Add chap_footer_grid_classes filter.
Changed sticky menu markup to be consistent with sidebar menu (nav > > .ui.container > .item -> > .ui.container > .item).
Added chap_cookies_consented JS action to cookie notice (use chap.hooks.addAction('chap_cookies_consented', function() { console.log('Consented'); }) to perform actions when cookies are accepted).
Chap Shortcodes 1.13.1
Reorganize settings page.
Gutenberg Semantic UI 1.0.32
Fix lack of box-sizing in WP 6.0.
Fix iframe size in WP 6.0.
Image block now has a “Editor display size” option.
Exit mobile version