Chap 1.24.0

Tested with WooCommerce 6.8.2 and 6.9-RC1.
PHP version requirement upped from 5.6 to 7.4.
Updates for PHP 8.1 (WordPress itself is currently not updated for PHP 8.1 so upgrading may still cause deprecated notices).
Removed various deprecated code from the theme.
Theme option code editors now resize height on the fly.
Chap Slide preview page no longer renders the (duplicate) slide as post content.
Chap Slide can now be a link.
Added option to specify aspect ratio for slides.
Added option to enable additional items under Chap admin bar item.
Fixed relocated “Customizer” link showing up on admin pages.
Added option to enable automatic image downsizing.
Added option to specify full width featured image aspect ratio.
Added asterisks to indicate modified SUI components in the SUI editor.
Added option to display WC results count and sorting in a grid (better responsiveness).
Added option to display random products on 404 pages.
Added option to display WC on sale label as a regular label instead of a ribbon.
Added option to display WC on sale label on single product page.
Added options to customize classes of several WC Cart and Checkout elements.
Added option to enable WC test mode for making test purchases.
WC coupon input form is now stackable on smaller screens.
Fixed WC shop tables not using theme border radius.
Added responsive helper mixins for SUI editor.
WC product categories widget now adds wrappers for each depth.
Chap Shortcodes 1.13.3
Added styles attribute which can append custom CSS to the shortcode in a <style> tag.
Dynamic shortcodes can now be used in shortcode attribute as attribute="%cscd-name%".
Dynamic shortcodes can now contain shortcodes.
[field] shortcode now respects for attribute.
WC product prices in [search] shortcode results now use tax settings.
Gutenberg Semantic UI 1.0.34
Composites block now includes presets for WC [products] shortcodes.
Image, Posts and Gallery blocks can now use custom image sizes when the theme option for automatic image downsizing is enabled.
Posts block now supports slider.
Live SUI recompiling in the editor has been removed.
Added control for uppercase text helper.
How to update

Your current Chap version can be checked in the WordPress admin dashboard under Chap Theme -> About.

The Envato Market plugin should notify when an update is available. If you're not seeing a message about an update, then you may need to reauthenticate, please refer to the theme updates page for instructions.