Chap comes with loads of built-in shortcodes to use. But typing the shortcodes out manually can be tedious or you may not know how to properly combine them. For that reason there are also composites which are combinations of various shortcodes to produce a good-looking UI element or a whole page.

If you have the “Chap Shortcodes” plugin installed, then you should see some additional buttons above your WordPress editor:

Insert composite button

The Shortcode button allows to insert any shortcode. Some of them also have presets.

The Composite button allows to insert a whole collection of shortcodes. The composites come with descriptive pictures so you know what you’re getting.

Inserting a composite

If you would like to keep the indentation of the shortcodes in the editor, then avoid switching to the Visual editor.

You can also disable the Visual editor entirely in your user settings:

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