Creating galleries

How to create a gallery

When editing a post or a page, click the “Add Media” button.

Choose “Create Gallery” from the left.

Select the desired images. On the right side you can give them a title and/or a caption.

Click the “Create a new gallery” button.

Make sure the “Link To” is set to “Media File”. This will ensure that when clicking on a thumbnail in the gallery the big version of the image is shown.

Also choose the amount of columns and the size of the gallery images you desire.

Click the “Insert gallery” button.

The resulting gallery:

Rounded gallery images

Once you’ve inserted the gallery you can add some classes to it.

In the editor, choose the “Text” version.

Find the inserted gallery’s shortcode.

Add the “classes” attribute to it.

The resulting gallery will have rounded images.

Bordered gallery images

Adding the “bordered” class will add subtle borders around the images.

Rounded & bordered gallery images

You can also combine the classes.

Gallery segment

To make the gallery stand out, you can place it inside the chap-segment shortcode.

Inverted gallery segment

The segment itself can also take classes, such as “inverted”, “padded” or “very padded”.

Adding a header

If you wish to describe your callery a header can be added.
Note: Inverted segment also needs an inverted header, in order to be properly seen.

My Gallery

When working with galleries/images, then it is recommended to keep the WordPress editor in “Text” mode, because otherwise unwanted line breaks and/or paragraphs tend to be added.

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