Masthead customization
The masthead title.
The masthead tagline.
Invert text color
Allows to swap between light and dark text colors, so the text could be seen on any colored background.
Include page title in masthead
This option affects pages other than the front page.

Masthead buttons
Multiple buttons can be added to the masthead.
Button Text
The text of the button.
Button URL
The URL of the button.
Button classes
The classes of the button. Unlike the shortcode buttons, the classes here should be wrapped between “ui” and “button”. For example “ui large icon button“.
For info on which classes to use for different looking bottons, see: Button shortcodes
The name of the buttons icon.
Find all the available icons at
Masthead text alignment
The masthead text alignment – only affects the front page.

Masthead page title alignment
If the “Include page title in masthead” option is enabled, then it can be aligned here. Affects all pages other than the front page.
Background options
Change the masthead backgrounds attributes.
Background color
A color picker is available, or a HEX color can be entered.
Background opacity
Changing the opacity will affect how much of the background image will be seen from underneath the chosen background color. This allows to give any background image a colored tint, fade it out, or make it more vibrant.

Background image
Background image for the masthead can be chosen. It’s recommended to not use larger images than 1920x1080px for optimal page load times. For larger monitors the image will still be scaled up to cover the whole masthead.
Background X position
Align the masthead background image on the X axis.
Background Y position
Align the masthead background image on the Y axis.
Note: You can align the image on only 1 axis, depending on the images width/height ratio.