If WooCommerce plugin is installed, then some things related to it can be customized here.

Customizer options
Product columns
Change the amount of columns products should be displayed in.

Products per page
Change the amount of products that will be displayed on the Shop page.
Mobile behavior
Whether on small screens products should stack on top of each other or have 2 side by side on each row.
Show category in product cards
Product cards can contain a link to their category.
Product cards with categories
Product cards with categories
On sale product color
Changes the color of the product “Sale!” labels.
Available colors: red, orange, yellow, olive, green, teal, blue, violet, purple, pink, brown, gray, black.

Card button size
Changes the “Add to cart” button size on the bottom of the product cards.
Available sizes: Mini, Small, Medium, Large, Big, Huge, Massive.