Theme demos

Business demo


Business demo has a landing page-like front page, with only a pointing menu, contact info and a massive slide introducing the company. The site is using Polylang to provide multiple languages. Front page features various slides, information, features, plan cards, newsletter signup form and partner company logos.

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Shop demo


Modern looking WooCommerce store with a selection of products, sale page, terms and conditions page, contact form, product search, order tracking and AMP support.

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Business 2 demo

Business 2

A business website with a boxed layout using angled edges for header and footer, utilizing large font sizes, unique arrangements and animations to deliver a modern and eye catching look. For the demo site the primary color is red, but can be configured to match any companies brand colors.

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App landing page demo

App landing page

A clean landing page for a mobile app or software, with a couple additional pages.

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Software demo


Software is a website showcasing a particular downloadable product. The header uses an image with a gradient overlay and buttons are Google Material Design-like using the Paper theme.

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Shop demo


The store demo is demonstrating the WooCommerce support with 3 column shop and various theme changes: Material menu, Raised buttons, Classic-themed product cards and a changed primary color. Front page contains a coverflow slider with slides automatically generated from existing WC products. In the footer icons for available payment options are displayed.

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Light demo


Simple look with soft gradient colors and thin fonts.

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Blog demo


Blog demo has a header with a compact menu. Branding is displayed on every page. The page title is not included in the masthead. Front page is composed of recent posts. The demo content is the standard WordPress theme unit test, showing all sorts of edge cases and possibilities.

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Grapes demo


Grapes is a modern-looking site with a compact menu, angled header and footer, loading screen, animated front page slide, secondary sidebar menu, fixed size tags and cards of posts in the other sidebar. The content pages have a table, youtube video, flags, form and a gallery.

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Simple blog demo

Simple blog

Clean and simple blog focusing on delivering text content without distraction.

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Landing page demo

Landing page

Landing page demo is a simple one-page website with no main menu. It’s using basic buttons theme and features multiple calls to action as well as feature list and frequently asked questions section.

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Video header demo

Video header

Using a cinemagraph as your header image will make it look more alive. Chap Video header demo shows a webm file as the header background. Video is not loaded for mobile users. Also the primary color is changed to red and social icons are “attached” to the top of the page.

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GitHub demo

GitHub-inspired demo

Since Semantic UI comes with a lot of GitHub-styled themes, a demo site was created to show them off. This demo also shows how powerful the shortcodes are because it was possible to recreate the real front page almost verbatim. A header template that looks like GitHub could also be easily created but for demo purposes only features that are available online were used for customization.

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Chubby demo


Chap website can be tiny or huge – size is not a constant. Chubby demo is big, bold and simple, along with “Cube” transition for slides and “Drop” transition for menu items. Don’t forget to check out the Chubby theme for styled accordions on the FAQ page and the Chubby-themed comments on the Portfolio page.

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Whitespace demo


Whitespace is demonstrating a very minimalistic and plain website. The font is a classic – Verdana, the font size and UI elements are small. Everything is plain and flat, only 1px border radius. There are no slides, the header includes only the centered brand and main menu. There are no sidebars.

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RTL demo

RTL demo

Chap aims to also support Right to Left languages such as Arabic, Hebrew and Persian.

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Default demo


This demo uses the default theme settings, with some additional content. Great starting point for any website.

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Features demo


This site contains pages showing Chap’s various features, such as different slides, header templates, page templates, post loops and WooCommerce products.

Not available for One Click Demo Import.
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