Most grapes come from cultivars of Vitis vinifera, the European grapevine native to the Mediterranean and Central Asia. Minor amounts of fruit and wine come from American and Asian species such as:

Vitis labrusca
The North American table and grape juice grapevines (including the Concord cultivar), sometimes used for wine, are native to the Eastern United States and Canada.
Vitis riparia
A wild vine of North America, is sometimes used for winemaking and for jam. It is native to the entire Eastern U.S. and north to Quebec.
Vitis rotundifolia
The muscadines, used for jams and wine, are native to the Southeastern United States from Delaware to the Gulf of Mexico.
Vitis amurensis
The most important Asian species.
Caring for Young Grape Vines
The University of Maine
Caring for Young Grape Vines