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Chap is the perfect theme for creating unique, beautiful and modern landing pages, blogs, corporate websites and shops quickly.

Custom shortcodes

Take a look at our shortcode documentation, which contains demonstrations of 40+ custom made shortcodes and real-world usage examples.

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Unlimited updates

Chap is constantly in active development based on customer feedback, getting more plugin coverage and features every week.

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3 site themes, 5 header themes, 11 button themes, 4 menu themes, 4 card themes, 4 form themes and more… all component themes of Semantic UI.

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Unbelievable theming

Semantic comes equipped with multiple themes for UI components which let’s you have complete design freedom.

Chap allows to change Semantic UI themes straight from the WordPress dashboard.

Intuitive shortcodes

Chap provides shortcodes based on many Semantic UI components, which treat words and classes as exchangeable concepts.

Classes use syntax from natural languages like noun/modifier relationships, word order, and plurality to link concepts intuitively.

<buttons three large>
  <button active>One</button>
Ready in 3 minutes

With a simple Setup Wizard you can install required plugins, setup updates and choose your custom dummy content quickly.

Watch a video of Chap being set up on a brand new WordPress site in 3 minutes or check out the resulting website here.

Semantic UI components on WordPress

Chap brings Semantic UI’s themable components to WordPress and AMP with simple but powerful shortcodes.

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