Semantic UI includes a complete port of Font Awesome 4.5.6 designed by Dave Gandy for its standard icon set.

[icon] shortcode arguments
Size -
Color -
Flip -
[horizontally flipped|vertically flipped]
Rotation -
[clockwise rotated|counterclockwise rotated]
Other -
Name -
[icon name]
Find all the available icons at
<icon users>
<icon disabled users>
Icon sizes
<icon mini home>
<icon tiny home>
<icon small home>
<icon home>
<icon large home>
<icon big home>
<icon huge home>
<icon massive home>
Icon colors
<icon red users>
<icon orange users>
<icon yellow users>
<icon olive users>
<icon green users>
<icon teal users>
<icon blue users>
<icon violet users>
<icon purple users>
<icon pink users>
<icon brown users>
<icon grey users>
<icon black users>
Icon variations
<icon horizontally flipped cloud>
<icon vertically flipped cloud>
<icon clockwise rotated cloud>
<icon counterclockwise rotated cloud>
<icon circular cloud>
<icon circular teal cloud>
<icon circular inverted cloud>
<icon circular teal inverted cloud>
<icon bordered cloud>
<icon bordered blue cloud>
<icon bordered inverted cloud>
<icon bordered blue inverted cloud>

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