[message] shortcode arguments
Type -
Size -
Color -
Attach -
[top attached|bottom attached]
Other -
Name of the icon to use.
Message header text.
This is a generic message
This is a warning message
This is an info message
This is a positive message
This is a negative message
This is a pink message
<message>This is a generic message</message>
<message warning>This is a warning message</message>
<message info>This is an info message</message>
<message positive>This is a positive message</message>
<message negative>This is a negative message</message>
<message pink>This is a pink message</message>
Message sizes
This is a very small message
This is default
This is large
This is huge
This is massive
<message small>This is a very small message</message>
<message>This is default</message>
<message large>This is large</message>
<message huge>This is huge</message>
<message massive>This is massive</message>
Icon in content
This message content has an icon
<message info><icon info>This message content has an icon</message>
Message variations
This is a header
This message has a header
This message is compact
This message is floating
This message has an icon
Just a second
We're fetching that content for you.
Not really.
But we have multiple lines of text.
<message positive header="This is a header">This message has a header</message>
<message compact warning>This message is compact</message>
<message floating blue>This message is floating</message>
<message icon icon="inbox">This message has an icon</message>
<message info icon header="Just a second" icon="notched circle loading">
We're fetching that content for you.
Not really.
But we have multiple lines of text.</message>

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