Theme updates

Setting up updates


In your WordPress admin dashboard go to the Envato Market page.


Generate a Personal Token by following the link.


If asked, sign in with the ThemeForest account that you purchased the theme on.


Choose any token name.


Select the following checkboxes or more:

View and search Envato sites
Download your purchased items
List purchases you’ve made
Verify purchases you’ve made

Agree with the terms and conditions and press Create Token.


Insert the generated token to “Enter your Envato API Personal Token” field.


Scroll all the way down and hit Save Changes.


When a theme update is available it will be displayed on the Envato Market plugin page, as well as the Dashboard -> Updates page.

To perform the update, please go to Dashboard -> Updates.

Select the Chap theme and click Update Themes.

The update may take a while longer than typical plugin updates, it’s downloading about 20-25mb of data.

After the update, the next page you navigate to will trigger an automatic recompilation of Semantic UI CSS using any of the new CSS and theme options that the update might have introduced. If any of the bundled plugins has a new version, then you will be notified to update them as well.

To update a bundled plugin follow the Begin updating plugin link.

Then click Update on the Install Required Plugins page.

Now everything should be up to date.

Theme updates always try to be as backwards compatible as possible and your website’s appearance shouldn’t exhibit any noticeable changes after performing it.
If an update changed something on your website, then please contact support and we’ll help you with restoring the previously intended look.

Updating manually

To update the theme manually:

Download the latest Chap version from ThemeForest downloads
Remove* the .../wp-content/themes/chap folder from your server
Extract the file from the zip file downloaded from ThemeForest
Extract the chap folder from the file
Upload the chap folder to .../wp-content/themes folder on your server
You can either delete it completely or back it up by renaming it to something like .chap-v1-14-0-backup (adding a period in front of the name prevents it from being recognized as a theme by WordPress) or moving it elsewhere.
Alternative manual update

It’s also possible to “manually” update the theme by using the Update Theme and Plugins from Zip File plugin. If you install this plugin you can just download the latest Chap version from ThemeForest, extract the file as instructed above, and then upload it from Appearance -> Themes -> Add New.

You can also have this plugin automatically back up the previous version of the theme if you enable the option from Settings -> Update Theme and Plugins from Zip File page.


Every theme update comes with a list of changes that were made.

View the changelog

Disabling updates

Disabling theme updates is not recommended, but if you wish to do so then check the option under Chap Theme -> General tab to disable the Envato Market plugin and then remove the plugin manually.